Back in the day, some 10 years ago, when I was a young Kiwi programmer on the far end of a very long copper wire into 175 Terence Matthews Crescent, being a QNX customer was a lot of fun. QUICS was cool (and I heard they were going to move their BBS system to a Usenet based NNTP reader! WOW!), and you really got a sense of working WITH the team of talented individuals in far off, exotic Ottawa.

More often that not bug reports would be greeted with a friendly post saying – “Thanks! Try this and let me know if it fixes your problem!”, and you’d be downloading a binary straight from the desk of Real Live Kernel Engineer.

Ah, the thrill of finding hidden paths and filenames embedded in that debug binary.

What it must be like to be a PART of that select club, to be involved directly in the creation of the most successful micro-kernel RTOS out there…

Wouldn’t you want to be part of that?

Well, I’ve been there over 10 years now, and all I can say is… I can’t wait until Wednesday!!!!!



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  1. Mario on

    Not so long ago those QUICS post were still available. I just checked and there were remove (unless they were moved some else). I still have a copy at home though ;-) It’s fun to go down memory lane, looking at people’s prediction, which came true and which didn’t. Or the QNX should do this and QNX should do that type of comments ;-)

  2. colinburgess on

    Do you remember Andrew Boyd’s announcement of the 3com509 driver! That was a classic! :-)

  3. Xiaodan Tang on

    It would be an interesting project to collect and post those “old post” in Foundry27. :)

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