Work your Pocketgeek!

In the spirit of open development, QNX has created a new product – the Pocket Geek! He works in transparent cube (get it, transparent development!!)

Head over to for some recreational fun, trying to drive your little pocketgeek to complete his tasks without exploding. There’s also a contest at the end of it all.

Have fun!



2 comments so far

  1. Twin on

    Hi, cool toy for working days :-) But I was really disappointed after filling the contest form. There isn’t my country!! Why!? We can buy QNX products, but we cann’t even take part in a contest?

  2. colinburgess on

    I’m sorry, it looks like the contest is only available in Canada, United States, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, China, India, Australia AND Norway.

    I’m not 100% sure of the rhyme or reason, but certainly we have distributors in those countries.


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