It’s alive!

Well sorry for not having written for so long. We’ve all been very busy working on the 6.4 kernel.

BTW – if you’ve been wondering about the being CoreOS source repository out of date, the sync process between the internal and external repositories broke down. :-(

The good news though is that it’s fixed now, so you can get all the goodness straight from the source. :-)



3 comments so far

  1. Himmele on

    Is there already a plan when to officially release the QNX 6.4 kernel? Will it just be a kernel update or a new OS/Middleware baseline including gcc 4.2.x, new IDE, new networking stack, etc?

  2. colinburgess on

    If we attempt to comment on release schedules, marketing department agents suddenly turn up out of nowhere, takes us firmly by the arm, and proceed to get us seriously drunk.

    And THEN they book our calender solid with powerpoint-laden meeting invites at 9am the next morning! The cruelty!!

    What I can say though is that it will be a full release, not just a kernel update.


  3. Paul Leroux on

    As a marketing type, I resent that remark: Everyone knows that, when apprehending offenders, we prefer the Shawinigan Handshake. ;-)

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