Who are these guys?

Thomas Fletcher is a software architect at Crank Software and previously worked at QNX Software Systems across the Neutrino product in areas such as the kernel, system services, application frameworks and IDE tooling.

Colin Burgess is a software developer with QNX Software Systems and works on the Neutrino kernel, though past endeavours have had him working in the compiler, debugger and he might have even written a Photon mail client once upon a time.


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  1. Mario on

    I would like to propose a subject. As a QNX4 user ditto has become an invaluable tool. Not only to access console remotely but also to provide extra virtual console ( Dev.ditto ). QNX6 doesn’t provide ditto like facilities. In my current project I’m trying to use a virtual Photon session to achieve similar capabilities but it has not been an easy road. Even if I can iron out all the problems I still haven’t found a way to view the content of a console ( to see problem that might have occured at startup for example )

    Would it be possible to make suggestions how to solves these problems?


  2. Mario on

    More suggestion, hihi. Release notes on 6.3.2 mentions (unless I’m mistaken) memory map files. There is very little info on the subject. Maybe worth a blog entry ;-)

  3. colinburgess on

    Good suggestion – I had planned on doing some entries on that subject.

  4. Paul Jiang on

    Dear Mr. Colin Burgess:
    We just migrate our system from QNX4 to QNX6, We have to use ditto in QNX6, if there is any progress, please let me know.
    -Paul Jiang

  5. Bob on

    How about some info on updates to the platform? QNX 6.4? A rewrite, QNX8? A service pack for 6.3? Anything? What is going on up there?

  6. Mario on

    Bob, I think you are getting into political and management side of thing. I’d be very surprise if you’d get any info here.

  7. […] the way the internals of our build system works is throwing me off a little bit. This morning I had Colin come over to my cube and explain to me why I had so many “undefined references” to […]

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