Mysteries Solved Here …

While this isn’t exactly a Dear Abby (or Ask Bruce) forum, we are interested in hearing if there are topics that are of particular technical interest that we can illuminate (in advance of the QNX documentation illuminating it that is).

If there is something that you’ve been wondering about, drop a reply here and we’ll see what we can dig up.  Please don’t ask us to comment on QNX business policy, that isn’t our thing, but technical mysteries are right up our alley!


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  1. Mario on

    How about a topic to get rid of the very annoying beep. Something better then chmod a-w /dev/con1.

  2. Kevin on

    I second the beep elimination topic.

  3. colinburgess on

    Go checkout my latest post. I wouldn’t quite claim it’s a mystery solved, rather a mystery revealed!

  4. Josh on

    I would like to use the PROCMGR_EVENT_PATHSPACE pulse with a resource manager. Can I use pulse_attach() with this pulse or do I have to use procmgr_event_notify() or do I need to use both?

    I would like to use pulse_attach() as we already have stuff setup for that…


  5. colinburgess on

    Hi Josh,

    You can use pulse_attach to setup a handler and optionally allocate a pulse code.

    You should then use that same code in the sigevent that you register with procmgr_event_notify()

    Hope that helps…


  6. johnsonyoung on

    Could you please give a sample about using message_attach, pulse_attach, select_attach? In qnx resource manager help there’s a sample using pulse_attach and message_attach while no idea of how to notify such message or pulse, i.e how to deliver pulse or message in other process or thread when using pulse_attach, message_attach?
    I’ve tried MsgSendPulse but can’t work,don’t know the problem. Thanks a lot!

  7. Preeti on

    I have a question on the QNX dumper. What is the -m option supposed to do. If I wish to see values of locals and globals (initilized as well as uninitialized) in the corefile; will this option allow me to see those in the corefile.

  8. sendreceivereply on

    For these types of “how do I do this” questions, you might find it better to post in the QNX OS community forums now that they are available. We’ll still consider the comments as foder for future posts, but the community won’t leave you wondering for as long as it might take for us to cycle a post up.

  9. Faggot54 on

    At that time men ruled and Citizenship was dominated thru the male. ,

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